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Products We Love: Modern Ball Clock

Sometimes the money you save DIYing your life can (and should) be spent to splurge on yourself a little bit! We are big proponents of a little bit of self-love to keep your spirits high, whether that be in the form of a spa day, a fancy dinner out, or a new piece of art for your home. In this post series we will be bringing you products that are cool, fun, and/or helpful and that we think are worthy of a little splurge.

Today we are showcasing the Modern Ball Clock from Regency Shop. A clock is a fun piece of art that is also incredibly useful to keep in your home. I know that in today’s world we look to our phones to keep time, but sometimes you have to step away from the digital world and go old-school analog.

Ball Clock Design George Nelson, 1948 © Vitra Collections AG

This clock has a fun midcentury modern feel, with colorful balls adorning the ends of brass arms that extend from the face of the clock and bold geometric hands. This clock could fit with almost any decor, from a 50s diner aesthetic, to a 70s bohemian vibe, to a bold and modern theme. The colors aren’t traditional rainbow tones, keeping this clock out of the realm of children’s decor and well within fanciful and beautiful modern art.

Regency Shop is also a reputable company to order from, with certified fair labor items and high quality products. You may be able to find inferior products at a local home decor store, but you won’t get the guarantee of quality or fair labor practices that Regency Shop offers.


Add a little bit of lightness and fun to your home decor with this bold and colorful clock. The tones are cool without being childish and the geometric shape will fit with many modern decor styles.

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