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Cute and Funny Pet Christmas Tree Ornaments


When Jessica from Bark Post wanted to infuse her furry family members into her Christmas decor she went for something super fun and incredibly loving at the same time.

She gathered some basic supplies such as pipe cleaners, scissors, her glue gun, and of course some favorite mugshot photos of her puppies.

She created these darling Christmas tree ornaments that she thinks are hilarious and will provide some laughs during the holidays and well beyond.

Cutting out the doggie photo

What a great example of using creativity and a little DIY effort to make a personal item for your tree. I think these would be a great little gift too if you have some photo’s of other family members’ or friends’ pets.

Jessica makes her project even more fun by letting her crazy little pups help her construct it. I think they added a lot of extra support!

Make one for each dog or cat you have. The more pets you have the more fun this can be (the more the merrier!)

Personalized pet ornaments for the tree

Check out Jessica’s fun little tutorial for these pet ornaments over at

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