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Outdoor Slatted Console Table

Carrie from Dittle Dattle was busy over the summer building outdoor furniture, including some fabulous chaise lounges and an umbrella stand side table. She realized the task of furnishing her exterior was not complete while grilling with insufficient space to manage all her ingredients. Carrie decided a console table was next on the list and went to our good ol’ friend PB for inspiration. Finding a couple styles she liked, Carrie actually combined the two to create this console table with simple lines and short, vertical slats. Carrie’s DIY outdoor furniture is totally drool-worthy, so I encourage you to head over and check it out!


Carrie was inspired by the Chesapeake and Faraday Console Tables from Pottery Barn.

Chesapeake Console TableFaraday Console Table

Get the details at Dittle Dattle.

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Monday 12th of September 2011

Nice Job!! It looks fantastic!

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