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Not Your Ordinary Wood Tray

Small craft projects can be very rewarding. They go together simply and for those of us with a large list of projects, checking them off that list is pure joy. Lucy from Craft Berry Bush wanted a small accent tray made from a wood slice.

In order to go with her modern decor, she added wire legs. She explains in her directions how to bend the legs with a tube bender. Using a tube bender is essential to make sure that the tubes do not crimp when bending them. Lucy explains that the tubes come in different colors, so you can purchase something that will fit your decor. Your wood slice tray will be like no other.

With detailed instructions and good pictures, you will be able to complete your own wood slice tray. In fact, you will be able to make several and give them as gifts to dear friends. A fun craft project with individuality and originality.

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