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A Better Mudroom Solution

A mudroom is great for keeping wet, muddy shoes out of the main living area of your home.

The downside to having a mudroom is that the shoes pile up, and leave a mess, especially in the winter time.

Ana from Ana White shares a wonderful mudroom storage solution that looks great and is fully functional.

The area she had to build into was quite slim, but her plans worked out perfectly for the limited space. She constructed two boxes to hold outdoor gear and then added a hinged section behind the boxes to hold shoes and boots.  The pictures show how she mounted everything to keep it sturdy. Further below in the article, she has details on how to build the boxes themselves.

This mudroom storage solution looks great and solves the problem of shoes piling up everywhere. If your mudroom needs a storage unit added to it, this project would not be too difficult to complete. This is truly a better mudroom solution.


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