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Modern Decor Fabric Lamp Shade

Are you searching for ways to update and freshen your living space? One way to make a dramatic impact on your decor with a minimum of time and expense is to make new lampshades for any room of your house. It’s surprising what a tremendous impact something so small can make. Corey at Hey There Home tried a new product for creating designer lamp shades, and she shares that with us.


Besides the kit she purchased, there are a few more materials needed to complete this project, and she lists each one. In her step-by-step tutorial, Corey walks us through the creation of a drum shade she made for her living room. She explains in detail how to achieve the super smooth fabric shade by using binder clips and glue to hold everything in place securely while it all sets up.


The most fun part of this project is in choosing the fabrics that will complement your decor and give your room a designer touch.

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