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Mod Pet Food Stand with Hairpin Legs

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse was tired of watching her tall Komondor pup “strain like a brontosaurus” to reach her food and water bowls.

She says, “Hubs and I decided she could use a raised bowl stand. I decided that it should be mid-century modern inspired. And turquoise. With hairpin legs… As adorable as the original is, it was unavailable when I wanted one. Making one allowed me to customize the height and colour anyway!”

Modern dog bowl stand with hairpin legs

This project is both a wonderful upgrade for your dog, and also a nice opportunity to add to your decor.

As Tanya points out, when we have dog bowls and dishes in the house, a lot of times they are in prominent areas. We see them in kitchens, breakfast nooks and laundry rooms.

Why settle for plain and ordinary when you can DIY your own unique decor piece like this one.

In its throw-back approach , it can work for a variety of decor styles and themes. Color choices are endless of course, but you could also consider a stain to go a little more raw. Your dog won’t care, right?

Project Tips

Here are just a few things to consider when making a raised pet feeder like this one.

1. Check with your vet before ordering the legs to your pet feeder. While you’re making it easier on your puppy when it comes to eating, you want to ensure you’re getting the food at the optimal level for healthy digestion.

Remember too when considering your leg height that the food will be sitting a little lower as the bowl drops down in your table.

2. Before venturing into this, you can create a mockup like Tanya did. See how your dog likes the new way of eating…the last thing you’d want is for your loving K-9 to let you know he or she doesn’t appreciate the change after you went to all that work!

3. When cutting the circles for the doggie bowls, remember to make them a little small so the lips of the bowls can touch the edges and the bowls can rest on top. And of course, make sure you have bowls with wide lips.

DIY dog bowl tray

4. Use a larger piece of cardboard to sketch out a shape so you can play around with how it’ll fit in its space in your house…is it a corner, or along a straight wall? This will also help you determine an appropriate size.

5. Use iron-on edge tape like Tanya mentions to ensure no rough looking edges on your little doggie table.

6. You can get the hairpin legs where Tanya suggests. The plus is they offer a variety of colors (if you desire), but they run a bit more than what you can find on Amazon.

Tonya was inspired by the Raised Pet Feeders from Mod Pet Life. Save time mula and make your own just how you want. Happy eating, Fido!

Raised Pet Feeders

Go to Dans le Lakehouse for the step-by-step tutorial to make your own.

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