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Milk Paint Dresser Texture Design

The appeal of this little dresser is the fact that the texture element pops at the top with the geometric design and bright colors. Often we see painted dressers and the paint sits flat against the wood. Jenni from Riveted Studio avoids the flat look by utilizing a Dremel tool and milk paint.

milk paint dresser

By finishing with 100% Tung Oil the top contrasts the geometric door and adds a soft sheen. Jenni explains that this stylish dresser presented quite a challenge while stripping. It took her several attempts utilizing a heat gun to get to the stainable wood. We are glad that Jenni did not give up and throw in the towel.

milk paint dresser

Her dresser resembles a piece that is worthy of passing down from generation to generation. It is quite lovely and adds to the aesthetic appeal of any room that it appears in.

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