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Easy to Make Headboard

Do you like the look of upholstered headboards and want to make your own? Briana from Kindle Your Creativity shares with us her king-sized headboard she made from 1 x 2’s. Since she did not have any tufting in her headboard she was able to eliminate a backboard.

Once she made the frame, she used a staple gun and stapled the batting and fabric around the frame. You will want to be sure to use a home decor weight fabric for this step. A lightweight fabric will not hold firm and end up stretching when you go to staple in the frame. If you like the look of decorative nailheads you could add them after you staple everything to the frame.

The nice thing about this project is the fact you can change out the fabric if you change your decor. This is a very nice inexpensive way to add a headboard to your bed and the best part is that it is easy to make. Well Done Briana.


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