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Lucky Gold Horseshoe

Annisa from A Pretty Happy Home was flipping through the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens when she came across a picture of a gold horseshoe that was screaming her name. Annisa was mesmerized by it and had to make one for herself. The only problem? Annisa says, “I live in suburbia – the land of no horses. So, I called home to the family ranch and asked (begged) them to send me a horseshoe from Oregon to Atlanta.” Annisa then used some spray paint to transform the regular horseshoe into a good luck charm!

DIY Home Decor | Gold Horseshoe ~ Grab a can of gold spray and transform an ordinary horseshoe into a true good luck charm!

Annisa was inspired by this gold horseshoe featured on page 46 in the September issue of Better Home and Gardens.

BHG Horseshoe

Check it out at A Pretty Happy Home.

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