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DIY Kitchen Tablet Stand (Without Cutting a Piece of Wood!)

All my regular readers know I love a good repurpose and some outside-the-box thinking, which likely explains my excitement over this tablet holder created by Jane of Mamie Jane’s.

Jane didn’t have to cut a single piece of wood to create her stand thanks to her mad repurposing skills.

She simply glued a Scrabble tile holder to the front of a thrift store cutting board and a child’s wooden triangle block to the back and called it a day! Genius!

kitchen tablet stand

Jane was inspired by the Cuisine Tablet Recipe Holder from Pottery Barn.

cuisine tablet recipe holder

Check it out at Mamie Jane’s.

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Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

Does anyone know what other items I could use if you can't find a childs block? I'm stuck, please HELP! I

Sharon Conti

Sunday 11th of August 2013

I did try your project. I am like one of the other people. I could not find a childs block to work with the project. I also, beleive it or not, had a hard time finding the wooden cutting boards. I searched quite a few places in my area and I finally purchased some on ebay. I still like your project. My husband cut a triangle piece of wood for me. I do think a child's block would be a littler easier to use. Please let me know about the childs block idea. Thank you.


Thursday 30th of May 2013

That is awesome! I think Jane's looks much nicer than the Pottery Barn one!


Friday 31st of May 2013

I completely agree and love how she repurposed items. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Thank you! Yours is much cuter!!!

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