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Instant Creativity Dresser Art

Sometimes adding stain or paint to a piece of furniture is not enough. For the artists that enjoy detailed artwork, this dresser art project is for you. Jules Yap from Ikea Hacks shares with us his laser etched octopus artwork on an Ikea Expedite dresser.


He bought a graphic and loaded it into photoshop to break it into four parts. From there he gave an explanation of breaking it down further into vectors so that he could use a laser to cut out the Octopus.  For those without a laser, you can create a similar process using acetone. Suggestions were made in his comment box about using a woodburning pen to achieve similar results.

 Adding a highly creative art element to the dresser is impressive and imaginative. If you have the time, and desire a large palette for your creative juices to flow, this may be the project for you.

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