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Inspired Antique Buffet

Enough cannot be said about bringing a piece of furniture back to life and putting it into service. So many finely crafted pieces of furniture are neglected, tucked away in a barn, storage shed, or the back of the garage. This inspirational piece from Lisa at Createinspireme shows us how to get these furniture pieces to work within our homes.

With the advance in furniture paint over the last several years, the days of sanding down, and using toxic chemicals to remove stains are dwindling. The gels, glazes, and paints can cover these stains and breathe new life into the furniture. In Lisa’s example, she did sand down the top of her table and apply Java Gel with several coats of Varathane.

The result is stunning. A transformation that reveals the unsurpassed craftsmanship that will live on for years to come. A beautiful job Lisa, and very inspiring, well done.

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