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Hot Glue and Paint Vase Makeover

Aniko from Place of My Taste says, “All I need is to see something inspiring and it makes my brain spin right away.”

Her brain was definitely spinning when she saw West Elm’s Atelier Vases, and Aniko knew she wanted to find a creative way to replicate the cute characters.

She used a hot glue gun to create designs and faces on the glass bowls and vases and then combined the pieces together and gave them a coat of spray paint.

Aniko loves how they look in her newly designed living room!

DIY Home Decor ~ Use a hot glue gun to draw designs on glass bowls and vases and then spray paint them for a totally new look. {West Elm knock off}

Aniko was inspired by the Atelier Stella Vases from West Elm.

Atelier Stella Vases

Go to Place of My Taste for the complete tutorial.

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