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How To Make A Wall-Hanging Kitchen Utensil Rack

There are few things more useful than a wall-mounted rack to hold kitchen utensils. This handmade version resembles the heavier-duty types sold to hold hanging pots and pans. However, there are few differences here – the wire is thinner, it’s extremely customized, and you can make one mostly from things that you already have laying around your house.


Step One – Plan Out Your Utensil Rack

DIY Utensil Rack

Close up of a DIY metal utensil rack. A Beautiful Mess

The first step involves some careful planning. You need to take a good look at your kitchen in order to determine where your utensil rack will go. How big do you want it to be? What do you want to hang on it? What color should it be? All these things factor into the final result. Once you’ve determined them, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step Two – Supplies and Painting

DIY Utensil Rack

Spray painting the metal once it’s been cut down to size. A Beautiful Mess

You’ll need to following things to make your metal utensil rack – a piece of wire mesh, a tape measure, a pair of wire cutters, metal S-hooks (one for every utensil that you plan on hanging), a heavy duty scrub brush, and spray paint designed for metal. Start by cutting the mesh down to size, then run the scrub brush over it to remove any rust flakes (if it has any.) Then, take the mesh to a well-ventilated location and spray it your desired color. You may need to give it a few coats of paint. Once the paint is dry, your utensil rack is ready to hand. Yes, it’s that easy!

Step Three – Hanging the Utensil Rack

DIY Utensil Rack

Hanging the rack. A Beautiful Mess

In order to hang your new kitchen implement, you’ll need the following items: a level, a pencil, a hanging kit, and a cordless drill. First, mark the wall where the top of the rack will be located. Then, pull out the level to ensure that your pencil marks denote a perfectly straight line. After that, drill two holes in the wall, one on either side. Remove two curved hooks from the hanging kit and screw them into the wall. Then, hang your utensil rack. You can also anchor it on the bottom as well, if you’d like.

Step Four – Putting it to Use.

DIY Utensil Rack

The final result. A Beautiful Mess

Now that your utensil rack is up, you need to use it. Hang your utensils on on with metal S-hooks – one side of the “S” will go around the metal mesh, and the other part of it will loop through the holes on the handles of your slotted spoons, potholders, and other items.

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Patricia Miller

Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

I love this idea. Only I want to use it in my craft room. I'll be able to hang many of my tools for sewing and quilting. Thank you

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