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Fashion Wall Art — For Your Closet!

Megan from Latte Everyday is a girl who loves to craft and create for her home and is slowing filling up her walls with her creations.

That even goes for her closet!

Megan loved the classic, vintage look of PB Teen’s Fashion Sentiment Art and recreated it for about $12.

She says, “It is a little silly to have artwork in the closet, but it does make it feel more like a real room.  Plus it cheers me up and makes me smile, and that is desperately needed early in the morning!”

pottery barn inspired fashion closet art

How to Make Yours?

First, sketch out six dress forms in your favorite silhouettes. Megan didn’t have a large space to hang large pictures, so she had to downsize the whole project a bit.

Next trace the pencil sketches with a fine tip sharpie. Megan did the same thing on a second sheet of paper where she copied the quote first in pencil.

She chose to add one more dress silhouette to her quote because she felt like that composition would work better in her closet

Closet art sketching out

After the paint and ink dried, she trimmed the edges and framed her sweet, little masterpieces in white floating frames.

The gold frames on the originals are great, but in this space, Megan wanted a light, airy feel. She contemplated painting them gold, but the white won out in the long run.

Full closet view with artwork

Megan was inspired by the Fashion Sentiment Wall Art from PB Teen.

Below is the original photo. The simple black and white color scheme with the clean classic design caught Megan’s eye immediately.

She also liked the quote and the overall vintage feel of the pieces.

These are 21 x 25 inches each at a whopping $299! While she appreciated the fact that they are giclee print with gold wood molding, Megan made hers for about $12.

fashion sentiment wall art


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