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Painted Pumpkin Fall Pillow

Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane came across a gorgeous hand painted pillow from Pottery Barn for the fall season. The pumpkin on it caught her attention, and Deb knew she wanted one just like it for her home. Since she did not want to spend the Pottery Barn price on it, Deb decided to create her own…but with neutral colors to match her style. With an affordable pillow case from Hobby Lobby and some acrylic paint she recreated the pumpkin by hand painting it and using the photo of the PB one as a guideline.

Fall Decorating Ideas | Pottery Barn Knock Off Pumpkin Pillow ~ Fall pillows only sit on your couch a month or two. To save money, paint a cheap cover from the craft store to look like a Pottery Barn pillow!

Deb was inspired by the Painted Pumpkin Patch Pillow Cover from Pottery Barn.

Painted Pumpkin Patch Pillow Cover from Pottery Barn

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Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Wow! I thought hers was the original and the PB one was the knock off before I started reading.


Thursday 24th of September 2015

I know, right?!? Deb really did an amazing job!

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