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Graceful and Elegant Armoire Makeover

  • Armoires serve a great purpose in a home that does not have a closet. Some older homes have closets that are extremely narrow due to the fact that people only owned a couple of dresses. Some of these closets were 18″ deep and 3 feet wide. Today, we have far more clothing and a need for large closet space. Patricia from The Black Sheep Shoppe had an antique armoire that she decided to paint.

She shares with us how she made her own clay roses using a silicone rose mold. She has a link to her post about how to make clay embellishments for other projects. The creative addition of clay roses to the armoire gave it a rich elegance.

Once she had the roses glued down, she painted it again and sealed it with some wax. Once the wax went on she added glaze for a finishing touch. If you have a piece of furniture that is too plain for your decor, try this project from Patricia. It will add interest and elegance.

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