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DIY Workshop Table

Do you love DIY projects? Do you find that you often do not complete the projects that you’d like because space is at a premium and you find that you’re often on the basement or garage floor putting together your projects? Corey from sawdust2stitches found she had the same problem and she was fed up with crawling around on the cold cement floor to assemble her DIY projects, so she created her workshop assembly table.

She doesn’t give exact instructions to follow for creating a duplicate of her table, but the information she does give us is useful in that it can inspire you to make your own version of the assembly table. Corey began by disassembling her old workbench and salvaging certain items from it.

She then secured items from Craig’s List to complete her project. Most of the materials she found on Craig’s List were free, so her final expense for her new workshop assembly table was negligible.

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