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Wall Clips for Odd-Sized Art

Lidy of Hello Lidy was shopping at a yard sale when she came across some vintage clips that had tons of character.

She snatched them up but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them once she got them home.

Then she saw Land of Nod’s jumbo wall clips, and inspiration struck!

Lidy’s clips may not be as large as Land of Nod’s, but they are perfect for holding some odd-sized art prints she had.

I love the idea of using clips instead of frames.

Not only are they cheaper, but they also make it easier to switch out the art.

They’d be perfect for children’s masterpieces, seasonal prints, or photos!

DIY Wall Decor ~ Instead of frames, use vintage metal clips to display artwork on the wall.

Lidy was inspired by the And You Brought A Wall Clip from Land of Nod.

Read more at Hello Lidy.

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