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DIY Modern Outdoor Bench for $35

As soon as I saw this DIY outdoor bench from Amy at DIY Candy, I was in LOVE! Amy and her boyfriend decided that every porch needs a bench and set out to build one.

The qualifications? I

t had to be “…modern, inexpensive, load bearing (no falling apart please), and look great.”

The couple came up with this beauty that met all of those specifications and also bore quite the similarity to a coffee table from Williams-Sonoma.

Well, except for the fact that it cost $35 to build instead of $1,295. Chalk up another point to DIY!

William-Sonoma Knock Off Outdoor Bench

Amy’s new bench is similar to the Larnaca Outdoor Coffee Table from Williams-Sonoma.

Larnaca Outdoor Coffee Table

Find the complete tutorial to build this outdoor bench at DIY Candy.

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