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Air Dry Clay Ring Holder

After losing a ring down the drain, Lindsey of Lindsey Crafter remembered a project she’d been wanting to complete for some time – ring cones. Lindsey formed air dry clay into cone shapes and then had fun painting them with designs after they dried. Lindsey finished the ring cones with several coats of glaze to look like kiln-fired ceramic. Like Lindsey says, these would be perfect to store away as DIY gifts since you can make over a dozen from one package of clay!

DIY Crafts ~ Make a ring holder like those from Anthropologie using air dry clay. These are inexpensive to make and would be perfect gifts for a fellow jewelry lover!

Lindsey was inspired by the Ceramic Ring Cone from Anthropologie.

Ceramic Ring Cone from Anthropologie

Find the tutorial at Lindsey Crafter.

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