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Gold Edge Agate Coasters

Every time Jamie from Totally the Bomb walked through Anthropologie, she couldn’t help but gaze at their gorgeous agate coasters… that cost $98 for a set of four. Ouch!

Jamie decided to search around at other stores but had no luck finding agate coasters at a more reasonable price than Anthropologie’s.

Actually, they were all even more expensive!

Jamie took matters into her own crafty hands and made a set of beautiful blue agate coasters for a third of the price using agate slices from Hobby Lobby, liquid leaf, and rubber feet. I love the vibrant blue agate!

DIY Home Decor ~ Make these Anthropologie knock off agate coasters for less than a third of the price!

Jamie was inspired by the Gilded Edge Agate Coasters from Anthropologie.

Gilded Edge Agate Coasters from Anthropologie

See how to make your own agate coasters at Totally the Bomb.

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