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DIY 5-Minute Abstract Black and White Art

Bethany from Dwellings by DeVore decided to jump on the bandwagon and try her hand at creating graphic artwork a la West Elm. Bethany says she literally just did a couple of brush strokes across a piece of poster board and then popped her new abstract art into a frame once it was dry. She says, “I think it took me about 5 minutes to complete.  You can’t beat that for quick and easy.”

diy abstract art

Bethany was inspired by West Elm’s retired Abstract Black + White Wall Art.

Abstract Black   White Wall Art

Check it out at Dwellings by DeVore.

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Monday 28th of April 2014

P.S...To Dwellings by DeVore: ..I love the vignette! Tee-hee!!!


Monday 28th of April 2014

I have to say, as an artist...Hahahaha... Seriously?! You are wayyyyy to serious about the fact someone created," their own version" of something. It's all been done before. That's life. That's art. It's in the eye of the beholder" it happens all day, everyday. Think up a new idea that you think is yours...type it in the search browser, google it, chances are it'll be there. Marketing. I know many "artists" whose personal artistic ability and product outshines, quote unquote " professional artists" art. Not because theirs is self taught, or for their own personal art is just that, personal, choosing to keep their art to themselves instead of," selling, and producing, and marketed, not seeking recognition...public art shows and critics." You can, make art, in 5 minutes, when you have already been,"recognized" as an artist, because regardless of how long it took, it is art...Picasso's "dachshund rendition" comes to was a less than one minute piece/work of art. Period.

Wow! You really got me on a roll with that silly comment of yours! I had no idea, no wait, I know what it is reminds me of "real" plagiarism that I saw recently...say, when someone takes an art class, is taught a specific exact image or style. Then proceeds to use that exact image as their own. Makes a card series, color books, whatever, starts teaching the same class as if it their own...that, is what is unacceptable...taking something and," pretending" it is yours, that you designed it, or created it. The woman here, who offers her version of things she was able to make, something she specifically says is just a "knock off" to enjoy, and add visual pleasure to her surroundings on a budget that allows others to be creative and take creative venues to enhance their homes as well is wonderful and gracious. It's not to mass market or sell to others. Nuff said( way more than enough!) Every party has a pooper! Tee-hee...I think that the, "pre-rafaelites" show you that though there is more than one artist creating something, their similarity and style is what it is...based on each other's art, yet their is sometimes a moment that you aren't quite it a Waterhouse? No wait, Rosetti, no wait...

Sandi Parker

Sunday 27th of April 2014

I have to say that as an artist this kind of offends me. Not only are you encouraging people to copy someone's art (even if it is being produced and sold by West Elm, someone did originally create that art and license it to West Elm - in fact, people have been sued for copying copyrighted art) but you're also insulting artists by saying "Yeah, you can do this in 5 minutes." Not cool.

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