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Decorative and Practical Crate Coffee Table

Is your living room lacking storage capability? Do you have blankets for winter that need a a home in the summer? Creatively adding storage does not need to have the look of a cold and sterile environment. This decorative and practical crate storage coffee table from Amy, at Her Tool Belt, will add warmth and style to your living area.

This coffee table boasts some really great features such as caster wheels and four storage crates. The caster wheels can make cleaning under the table effortless. Her detailed pictures and schematic design will allow you to visually see each step of the process. From storing blankets to seasonal decor, the table always appears clean and chic.

If you are new to woodworking you may need assistance with some of the steps, but overall, this project can be completed by an advanced beginner. Need storage in a child’s room? This design would work well in there as well. Store toys and books, and use the top for coloring, writing, or small crafts. A versatile design for more than one room in your home.

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