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Deceptively Fancy DIY Drawer Pulls

I have been drooling over fancy ceramic drawer knobs for months now, so when I saw this awesome tutorial from Ananda over at A Piece of Rainbow, I had to share!

These knobs are deceptively simple and they look amazing! And, would you believe they require absolutely no painting at all?

Just a home printer and some decoupage. Ananda used a rounded drawer pull to better match her Anthropologie inspiration, but you could also use a flat pull which may be easier to decoupage.

Aren’t Ananda’s drawer pulls simply stunning?


These were her Anthropologie inspirations, retailing at $10 each! Whoa, that’s a lot of money for a single piece of hardware in my book (probably yours too!).


Head over to A Piece of Rainbow to see the full tutorial. You can find all the juicy details along with some more fabulous photos to get your inspiration going strong!

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