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How To Make A Cotton Rug For Your Home

Cotton rugs are known for their softness. They also look great in many different rooms, from main living spaces to bedrooms. Although you could buy a fluffy cotton rug from any home decor store, it’s entirely possible to make one for a fraction of the price. This allows you to customize the rug to your exact specifications.


Why Make a Cotton Rug

DIY rug

This cotton rug was made entirely by hand. Paper & Stitch

Not only are cotton rugs soft, they are also washable. Although you don’t want to put a handmade rug like this in the washing machine, you can launder it by hand. Before you lay it on the floor, treat yours with a stain-proof solution that will keep it cozy, but prevent spills from setting in.

What You Need to Make a Cotton Rug

DIY Rug supplies

Rug-making supplies Paper & Stitch

Making this type of cotton rug (doesn’t it look like something that you’d find on a cozy, fluffy sheep?) only requires a few items. You’ll need some pieces of cotton piping, a sturdy pair of scissors, some netting that’s been cut to match your desired size specifications, and tiny rubber bands. Look for the kind that resemble the ones worn by people with braces – don’t worry, they won’t appear in the finished product.

Now It’s Rug-Assembly Time!

DIY rug

Step by step rug making Paper & Stitch

Making the rug is fairly easy, if not time-consuming. You need to cut the cotton into small squares, aiming for around 4 inch by 4 inch sections. Then, wrap the cotton around one of the sections of mesh, like in the picture. Place the rubber band over it securely to hold it in place, while trying to get the band as close to the mesh as possible. This will hold the cotton to the mesh. The remaining part of the square of cotton will be fluffy enough that the mesh and rubber bands won’t be seen in the finished result, unless you turn it over.

Cotton Rug Options

DIY rug

The final result Paper & Stitch

The rug shown in the example here is in its natural color. You could, of course, make one in any color that you choose. All that you need to do is either purchase some fabric dye and dye the cotton before cutting into the squares, or buy the cotton already dyed in the color of your choice. It would be tough to dye the rug once it’s done, so make sure that you take care of this beforehand.

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