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Build a Gorgeous Outdoor Table for Less than $100

When beautiful weather comes, don’t you love to have friends over and have an outdoor space to relax and perhaps eat a meal?

Outdoor furniture can be costly, especially when you factor in that, for so many places, it is something you only use during a few months of the year.

Ashley and Whitney from shanty2chic have constructed a beautiful outdoor dining table for around $60.

Build An Outdoor Table

The project is relatively simple to build, especially with Ashley and Whitney’s instructions.

As usual, they provide a complete supply list, as well as free downloadable plans. A bonus is a video that follows construction step-by-step.

Diagrams of the process are also included as well as detailed photos.

Once the table was constructed, Ashley and Whitney stained it and then applied several coats of an outdoor protective varnish.

The result is a beautiful, functional and sturdy table that can withstand just about any weather conditions. Head over to Shanty2chic for the full details!

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