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Easy Assembly Upholstered Crate

We know that Ikea makes the best furniture that is reasonably priced and sturdy. Did you know they also make crates? This crate project is not your typical project due to the fact that it has an upholstered top. Claire from Pillar Box Blues shows us step by step how she crafted the entire project.

Using a Knagglig box from Ikea and some old blue jeans Claire shares how she put everything together. I like that she used furniture wax to stain the crate. It gave it a very nice color. Adding the family name with a stencil was a nice touch. You could add a child’s name to the crate if this would be used in a child’s room.

The upholstery of the jeans is quite simple. A staple gun is a must to make that work, as the blue jean material is quite sturdy. With some basic tools and a little time, you will have a great storage crate with an upholstered top for extra seating. This is a very cool project, Claire. I love it.

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