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Adorable Pallet Wood Triangle Shelves

These shelves were originally created to be a wedding gift, but they are so cute I think I’m going to make a few more for myself! You can hang them up on your wall to display trinkets or miniature potted plants, or you can set them on a bookshelf as unique bookends. I personally love them to display some of my favorite pieces from my crystal collection.

You will only need one plank of wood to make your shelves, depending on how large you want them to be. Mine are about 9 inches long on each side.

I did a little bit of fiddling to find out how long I wanted the sides to be and exactly the right angle to create an equilateral triangle. 60 degrees is the magic number!

After I cut my first piece, I used it as a marker to cut the rest of my pieces.

I marked the bottom piece and then cut the wood slightly past that so as not to make my pieces too short.

All of the boards should have alternating angles on the ends. If you put them together they should look like this.

When you put the angles together, they may not meet up perfectly, especially if you are using recycled wood. That is ok, you will be able to sand it down later.

I decided to stain my pieces before nailing the shelves together so I could test the stain first. I used a combination of my favorite grey and a natural pine color to get a rustic look.

A little bit of liquid nails, a nail gun, and a sander later and we have some beautiful triangle shelves!

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