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11 Nifty DIY Firewood Rack Ideas


The cold is upon us all, and so comes the need for firewood. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a rack to keep the wood stacked up neatly? Here’s a few DIY Firewood rack ideas for you to try out.

1. Wood Stores and Sheds

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This is a classic design because it doesn’t require too many materials, and it does the job. This is ideal for those of you who enjoy simple projects and want to work with minimal designs.

2. Rolling Firewood Rack

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This is perfect if you need a mobile wood holder so that you can easily go to and from your yard rather than picking up the logs individually.

The important thing to remember for this rack is to add a stopping system so that it doesn’t roll around on its own when you need it.

3. Metal Firewood Storage Rack

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This is sturdy and fun to keep outdoors. However, we do suggest that you keep under some shade so it doesn’t rust.

It does take some management so that you can preserve the metal rack for long term, but it’s easy and simple to keep. It’s very easy, and you can do this with kids.

4. Midi Log Store

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This is idea is nice if you enjoy quaint rack designs. It’s very simple, and you can build it yourself. Aside from that, you can jazz it up any way you like.

You can build this with your kids, but make sure to supervise them when it comes to using tools to avoid any accidents.

5. No Devices Wood Shelf

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This is really great if you need a storage for large amounts of logs. However, you may want to keep a small wagon close by to keep the transportation easier for you.

This is especially good if you plan on stocking your wood shelf early to prepare for winter.

It has a rustic vibe too!

6. Firewood Storage Space Rack

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This is one of the more difficult ideas because it does require to be built. However, it is very sturdy and can function as a yard decoration as well. It makes for one great project which may take some time.

It’s definitely worth it if you get a place to store your firewood for winter.

7. Garden Bench Storage Area

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This is particularly suitable if you are one to enjoy bonfires in your garden. It’s a good storage area and you can use it in different seasons aside from winter.

The storage space is small, and the amount of firewood you can place depends on how long your garden bench and how tall as well.

8. Wooden Storage Shed on Bricks

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This serves as another great shed and storage area. Aside from that, you can store tools as well for your lawn.

However, it will take some time to build, but once it is complete, you can utilize it for multiple things, and it makes for a easier storage area for your fire wood and tools.

9. Tall Firewood Storage

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This idea is good if you just want a place to store your firewood. It takes some materials and building, but it is quite fun to make. If you plan on building this with your kids, you should monitor them to prevent accidents from happening.

This shed is simple yet gives a rustic garden vibe.

10. Pipe Firewood Storage

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This is great if you want a drainage system for your firewoods. Especially because no one wants soggy logs. You can achieve this easily by purchasing pipes and cement footers at tool stores.

Aside from that, the space isn’t limited, you can stack the logs and be able to store for a lot of bonfires.

11. Cement Firewood Storage

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This is a really simple idea, and it’s also quite cute. The idea uses scrap driftwood and cement blocks! This is really great because it’s so easy to build and so easy to use as well.

Aside from that’s it doubles as a rustic decoration that is very useful for cold days and wood storage.

Firewood is an absolute necessity in the winter. It’s important to have a storage space so that you have an area to stock up on firewood. It adds convenience and makes it easier for you.

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