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Super Jumbo Oversized Wall Clock

We’ve seen a few oversized wall clocks here at Knock Off Decor, but this one is most certainly the largest! Joan at Scavenger Chic started with the huge spool end that many DIYers start with, but to make hers reach a whopping 53 inches in diameter, she added an additional two layers of pallet wood! When she went to add her designs, she was inspired by this oversized clock from Pottery Barn. She gave it an aged whitewash look and then added her designs and numerals with a stencil.

This is her finished wall clock.

This is the Pottery Barn Clock that inspired the design.

And one last photo just to show you the difference in the size of the original spool end and Joan’s finished clock face!

Head over to Scavenger Chic to see exactly how she created this huge clock face!

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