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Faux Taxidermy Curiosity Cabinet

Mark Montano from Make Your Mark loves the Museum of Natural History, all of their little oddities and specimens all hanging around in fancy glass displays. After searching around for dioramas similar to the museum’s displays (and finding them to be incredibly expensive!) Mark decided to make his own curiosity cabinet using faux birds, feather butterflies, and twigs. Paired with some vintage bug images and a cool newsprint backdrop, Mark’s curiosity cabinet is ten kinds of cool. If you decide to do this project, you can easily make it your own by using different styles of vintage vases or fun candleholders to change up the look.

This is Mark’s finished curiosity cabinet.

Beauty Butterflies2

This was one of his inspiration pieces, from 1stdibs retailing at $3500.


Head on over to Make Your Mark to see the full, easy to follow tutorial!

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