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5 Concrete Steps to Take in Concrete Step Repair

Concrete steps

When it comes to increasing the resale value of your home, there are a lot of repairs you can make that will have a big impact on the price you can sell it for.

Some of the most beneficial repairs you can make are ones that improve the exterior of your home, such as fixing your concrete steps.

If you have cracks in your concrete steps and aren’t sure how to deal with them, keep reading.

Listed below are five tips that will make the concrete step repair process much easier for you.

1. Start with a Clean Surface

It’s always best to start with a clean surface before you tackle your concrete steps. Sweep them thoroughly and get rid of any weeds or debris that might get in your way. Spray the steps down with a power washer, too, to make sure everything is as clean as possible.

2. Tape Off the Edges

Be sure to tape off the edges of your steps once they’re totally clean. As is the case when you tape off areas when painting, this will help you avoid getting new concrete anywhere other than where you want it.

3. Prepare Your Concrete Properly

Now, it’s time to prepare the concrete. Start with concrete with good adhesion and at least 3,000 PSI.

To mix your concrete, just place the powder in a cement mixer or wheelbarrow. Then, add liquid gradually until it reaches a consistency similar to peanut butter.

Don’t mix more than you need, and remember that this batch will need to be used within about 20-30 minutes of mixing.

When you mix your second batch of concrete, remember to make it a bit thinner. Its consistency should be closer to pancake batter. This will help your concrete to have a smoother and more finished look.

4. Use a Concrete Finishing Broom

Once you’ve applied the concrete mix to your steps, it’s time to go over it with a finishing broom to smooth everything out.

If little balls of concrete appear when you run the broom across the steps, your concrete is too dry. Spray some water over it and run the broom across it again.

5. Know When to Hire a Pro

You’ll probably be able to handle minor cracks and damages on your own, especially if you remember these other tips.

If you feel that you’re in over your head, though, don’t be afraid to reach out to a concrete stair repair professional.

They’ll make sure the job gets done well and will save you from having to spend more time and money redoing the job if you make a mistake.

Take Care of Concrete Step Repair Today

The concrete step repair process might seem a bit daunting at first.

If you keep these helpful tips in mind, though, you’ll have a much easier time repairing your steps and improving the appearance of your home.

And when in doubt, you can always look for outside helps such a professional concrete services.

Do you want to learn more about how to take care of your home inside and out? If so, we’ve got lots of resources for you on our website.

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