Silver Starfish Bowl

Gail from Purple Hues and Me had been eyeing a starfish bowl from the Z Gallerie for some time, trying to figure out the best way to recreate it. Amanda at House Revivals got Gail going with her paper mache starfish tutorial. Gail crafted several starfish and then attached them together to form her own […Read More]

Flower Tealight Candle Holder

You wouldn’t think there’s too much more to a plastic spoon than what meets the eye. However, Gail from Purple Hues and Me shows just how beautiful they can become with a bit of heat. Gail softened the spoons over a flame so they were pliable and then formed them into a flower. With a […Read More]

Painted Clam Shell Bowl

Michelle from Mich L in LA was planning to do a knock-off of a giant clamshell bowl from ZGallerie but discovered something even prettier in the process.  The secret to Michelle’s recreation was a giant plastic clam bowl she found at a yard sale for a buck. It wasn’t a pretty sight. That is until […Read More]

Vintage Graphic Art

Johnnie from Printable Décor added a splash of color to her space with a trio of graphic prints. I love how Johnnie took this idea and totally made it her own, customizing it to fit her interests. Johnnie is so good that her prints look even better than her inspiration!  She is also sweet enough […Read More]

Shell Candle Holder

Aimee from It’s Overflowing loves to pull out her seashells from family beach trips each summer as décor. However, this year she decided to create something a little more lasting from the shells after being inspired by a shell candle holder from ZGallerie. Aimee says, “ZGallerie’s Seashell Candleholder is great, but using our own seashells […Read More]

“Metal” Sunburst Mirror

Kim from RePOSHture was inspired to create this awesome sunburst mirror that appears to have curled metal bands for sunbeams. Would you believe they’re really masking tape?!? That’s right! Using floral wire between two strips of tape, Kim was able to make this beauty for only $12 and 3 hours of time! Kim was inspired […Read More]

Pedestal Glass Bowl

Kristen from My Covered Bridge found a candle holder from the Salvation Army with a great shape but not so great sponge paint finish. We all know that’s an easy fix though! Kristen took some chrome spray paint to the candle stick and then attached a large glass bowl to the top with some heavy […Read More]

Silver Leaf Wine Bottle

After applying silver leaf to a tray, Kristen from My Covered Bridge decided she needed a little more shine in her home and used the same technique on a wine bottle. If you’ve never tried silver leafing before, Kristen gives you the step-by-step and makes it look like a piece of cake. Silver leafing could […Read More]