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Wood Cupcake Carrier Box

You know those time when you need a way to transport cupcakes to your child’s class for a birthday or to a party at a friend’s house, but, alas, you have no way to carry them? Jaime from That’s My Letter has the answer to all your cupcake carrying needs with this Anthropologie-inspired wooden cupcake carrier. The simple wood box has trays with holes that the cupcakes fit snugly inside. You simply slide out a tray when it’s time to serve. As Jaime suggests, you could also make trays to hold mini cupcakes. Yum! Who wants to make a cupcake carrier with Jaime’s FREE plans and carry some cupcakes right on over to my house?!?

DIY Cupcake Carrier Inspired by Anthropologie

Jaime was inspired by Anthropologie’s Wooden Cupcake Box Carrier.

Wooden Cupcake Box Carrier

Go to That’s My Letter for the FREE plans and building tutorial.

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