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Cheap and Easy Chalkboard Clips

I know we all love a quick and simple knock-off that costs practically nothing, and this project from The Knock-Off Crafter is just that! The crafty lady behind this site knew she could easily make her own chalkboard clips, especially when she already had chalkboard paint on hand. All it took was some dollar store clothespins and little wooden rectangles from the craft store to create these cute little clips that make labeling a breeze.

diy chalkboard clips

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Best of PB #10: Cubby Storage Organizer (and Christmas Advent)

Michelle from Chalkboard Blue built this cubby system inspired by a hotel front desk organizer that is perfect for storage and display. The original inspiration came from a cubby organizer from Pottery Barn, but Michelle put her own spin on the design. This is so cute for the holidays. I love how Michelle used the cubbies as an advent this past Christmas!

diy cubby organizer

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Containers with Chalkboard Labels

Ashlee from Two Naps By Noon really liked the chalkboard feature of some jars she saw at Pier 1. However, Ashley wanted her labels to be removable so she could wash the jars. That’s where some chalkboard paper and a large paper punch came in handy. Ashlee simply cut out her desired shapes and then popped them onto some pantry containers. Of course, these are great for basic labeling, but I love the idea of using them to remember cooking times and instructions too! Brilliant!

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