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Square Wreath: The New Shape of an Old Favorite

Wreaths are a traditional favorite dating back to Ancient Rome where they were hung on the outside of a door to represent victory.

In Christianity, the wreath, which is traditionally round with no beginning and no end, represents eternity and life never ending.

While they are a holiday staple, they took a backseat as a decoration for a while but as always, “what is old is new again” and they are gaining a resurgence of popularity, with a modern twist of course.

Modern wreaths are not just for the Christmas season any longer.

They are found gracing the doors and even the interior walls of many fine homes year round and celebrate many occasions or just make the surroundings festive.

The traditional round shape is still common, but with unlimited twists from the type of materials used, the theme or holiday they regale, or the whimsy they represent.

Another modern twist is the shape. Wreaths come in many shapes and sizes now and the base, which more traditionally consisted of evergreen leaves, now includes all manner of textiles.

The square wreath is a modern favorite and can cost from $30 for the basic unadorned structure to hundreds of dollars for a themed or personalized wreath.

Here is a simple knockoff version that you can make for yourself or to give as a personal gift.

Here is what you will need:

Here's what you'll need

  • A frame – Think of where it will be displayed for the size or just use what you have on hand.
  • Base material – This is clearly to be a Winter Holiday wreath so I chose red and green and white
  • Decorations – For this simple wreath I chose a glittery phrase but you can use anything that strikes your fancy or complements your décor.
  • Tools – Usually a pair of scissors and a glue gun are sufficient.

To begin you may lay the frame flat or hang it if you prefer. Just make it stable so that you can safely adhere or attach the base material to the frame.

Next, lay the base material on the frame and rearrange it until you find that you like the look, then begin to glue it down. Be careful because some glue guns can cause severe burns. If you have young helpers, this might be where caution steps in.

Finally, add your decorations. This is the most fun part as it personalizes the wreath. For a child, perhaps a favorite characters will be used, some use ribbon, others choose geometric shapes or special words or phrases.

Here is an example of a finished product:

Finished Square Wreath

Finished Square Wreath

This wreath is quite basic as its intended purpose is a fundraiser so the buyer is not specifically known.

The use of red and green and gold makes it more identifiable to the Christmas season but with white dollar store snowflakes, blue and silver beaded garland, and a snowman, it could easily be a winter wreath.

Additionally, if you prefer to have a statement piece as seen in department stores or grand hotels, grab a photo for inspiration, get to your local crafting store, and spend a couple of hours transforming the elements you choose into a showpiece.

You see, the only limit to this knockoff is your imagination, your budget, and a little time.

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