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Reversible Wall Art

Melissa from Superchikk made her own foliage wall art.  I love the texture of it and the depth of color she achieved by mixing an array of paints.

I think they turned out superb and I always want to fist bump when I see someone who attempts to create some large wall decor.  Gorgeous!

reversible wall art

Her original inspiration was the Crate & Barrel Reversible Wall Art which retails for $299

Go visit Superchikk for some more pictures of her creation.

Sharing is Caring!

PJ @Home and Garden Decor

Tuesday 1st of February 2011

Quite honest, I like Superchikks reversible wall art even better than Crate & Barrel's. I think it looks just gorgeous and it proves again, sometimes the copy is even better than the original. ;) Gotta head over to Superchikks now to see more pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)

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