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Multi Use Storage Coffee Table

Storage in the living room or front room can be hard to come by, but is usually extremely important. Nobody wants to step on strewn-about matchbox cars or blocks that haven’t found a home. The girls at Shanty 2 Chic are here to give you a new idea for living room storage that also doubles as a coffee table and ottomans for extra seating or footstools. This coffee table is beautiful but also doubly functional. Every corner of the table is a separate ottoman that rolls out and can be a storage container for toys, books, or other goodies, and can also be fitted with a cushion to be a comfy seat for a guest. At the end of the night, simply push everything back together and the table is sleek and unobtrusive once again.

This is the finished coffee table. When it is all put together you can’t even tell it has another use!

Head over to Shanty 2 Chic to see the build tutorial and to download the plans!

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