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Moroccan Style Painted Candle Holders

Moroccan style is crazy popular for modern home décor. Its colorful, bohemian vibe has sprung up in all sorts of home décor stores and inspiration sites.

Natalie from Creme de la Craft took notice of this recent trend and wanted to add just a touch of the colorful, dramatic style to her home.

Since she loves candle holders she chose to DIY her own moroccan votive holders, inspired by World Market and many other designers moroccan-inspired candle holders.

Natalie used semi-transparent paint, gold puffy paint, and dollar store vases to create this beautiful DIY project.

These are Natalie’s gorgeous painted candle holders:


Natalie was greatly inspired by the original World Market candle holders, now no longer carried.

Head over to Creme de la Craft to see exactly how Natalie made these gorgeous votive holders!

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