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Metal Wall Letters

Holly from Life as a Thrifter was inspired to create some word art as décor for her laundry room. Holly was thrilled to find this project was even simpler than she had imagined. It only required spray painting some craft store cardboard letters and then lightly sanding to remove the sheen and give them the look of metal. This method is so simple and can be customized to fit any room in the house. 

metal word art

Holly was inspired by the Zinc Letters from Anthropologie.

zinc letters

Check it out at Life as a Thrifter

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Tuesday 31st of January 2012

Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to make my own "zinc" letters!



Saturday 21st of January 2012

What brand, type, and color of spray paint did you use? It looks like more than one color was applied. These look great.

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