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Make a Mandala Rug from a Table Cloth

Adri from Dream Book Design picked up a gorgeous tablecloth from Anthropologie, and it had a beautiful navy floral mandala design.

Adri, however, was really hoping for a beautiful navy blue rug akin to Pier 1 and other designer rugs.

Since Adri had already purchased the tablecloth, she opted to DIY her own beautiful rug.

Adri coated the tablecloth in a few layers of polyurethane to keep the design fresh and clean, and then covered the backside with a rug pad.

Since Adri used a designer tablecloth, her total cost was around $100, but you could pick up an inexpensive tablecloth or mandala tapestry and use the same process to make a less expensive version!

This is Adri’s finished tablecloth rug:

table cloth rug

Yeah beyond beautiful right?

Inspiration from the Pier 1 version that retails for over $350.

Is there really ANY reason to pay that price when you can enjoy the process of making your own version that looks just as great!

Visit Dream Book Design to see Adri’s full, step-by-step tutorial on who she pulled this off SO brilliantly!

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