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DIY Kid’s Outdoor Climbing Tower

If a DIY climbing wall isn’t your style, maybe a giant climbing tower made of tires will be just the thing.

If you’ve recently put new tires on your vehicle, this is the perfect project for you!

You can make it any height you want, depending on how old your kids are, but Jackie from Blessings Overflowing has plans for an 8-foot tower.

It is sturdy and tons of fun for kids of all ages to play and jump around. Make sure to assemble horizontally! Nobody wants to lug heavy tires up a ladder.

Since Jackie and Blessings Overflowing is no longer available, I’m including her original post below for reference. Enjoy!


Our kids love to play outside. Two few years ago we built a new clubhouse and last year we added a swing set to our outdoor playground.

This year my husband wanted to build something the kids could climb on. He had come up with an idea that used tires but he wasn’t having much luck finding some.

Well, last week we had new tires put on our truck which meant we finally had some tires. This weekend we all worked together to build a tire climbing tower.

Our boys have loved climbing in, out, over, and under their new tire tower.

The top of the tower is 8 feet off the ground which is pretty high but it is very sturdy.

I think this idea would work with even just 2 or 3 tires if the height was a concern but you wanted to make something similar.

The tires are attached to three treated 4″ x 4″ x 10′ posts with lag screws. The posts are in the ground 2 feet and one of the posts is attached to our swing set.

tire climbing tire closeup

When my husband builds something he makes sure it is sturdy.


The tire climbing tower is definitely a fun addition to our playground and is helping our kids’ gross motor development.

For those of you wanting more details on exactly how we built the tire tower, here are the materials you will need and how we built it.

Tire Climbing Tower

tire climbing tire full


  • (4)Tires (The tires pictured are 17 inch truck tires.)
  • (3) 4 inch x 4 inch x 10 foot Treated Posts
  • (24) 3 inch x 1/4 inch Lag Screws
  • (24) Washers
  • Drill
  • 3/16 inch Drill Bit
  • Socket Bit
  • Tape Measurer
  • Pencil
  • Shovel or Post Hole Digger
  • Level


1. Attach one tire to the top of one post by first drilling two pilot holes (through the tire and wood) with the drill bit and then using the socket bit to attach two lag screws and washers.

The top of the tire should to be flush with the top of the post.

2. Make a mark on the post 16 inches below the bottom of the first tire. Use that measurement to line up the second tire so that the top of the tire is even with the mark.

3. Attach the second tire to the post using the same method as in step 1.

4. Repeat step 2 two more times for the other two tires.

5. To make the process easier for the two remaining posts, make marks on the posts at the same intervals you did for the first post. Use a tape measurer to help determine the exact measurements.

6. You will be forming an equilateral triangle with the three posts so you will want to determine how far apart to space the two remaining posts so that the space in between each post is the same.

7. Attach the tires to the remaining two posts in the same manner you attached the first post. First drill two pilot holes and then use the socket bit to attach the lag screws and washers.

Note: I recommend attaching all of the tires to the posts while the posts are lying on the ground. They are very heavy and tall which would make it too hard to assemble vertically.

8. Decide where you want your tire tower and dig three holes that are 2 feet deep. Use a tape measurer to be certain the holes are equal in depth or the tower will be crooked.

9. Turn the tire tower so that it is vertical and set the posts into the holes. (This is a multiple-person job. It is heavy!)

10. Use a level to check to make sure the tower is level.

11. Fill in the holes with dirt. Make sure the holes are packed tight because you don’t want the tower to sway when kids get on it.

12. Optional: Attach one of the posts to something else like a wooden playground set or swing set. You could also fill in the holes the posts are in with concrete.

*I do recommend drilling several holes in the bottom of each tire to allow water to drain out of them when it rains.

If anything doesn’t make sense please let me know. I am used to writing craft tutorials, not woodworking tutorials.

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