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Interior Design Styles: Which Style Reflects Your Home’s Personality


This might sound a little strange to you but your home has a personality. Of course, not in the sense that your home has a mouth and can “sass off” to you but more so from a design and decor point of view.

The way your home looks not only tells the personality of your home but it also says a lot about you, as the owner of the home.

Of course, there will be days where life happens and you get too busy to clean up, but that doesn’t mean you’re a lazy homeowner or that you don’t take care of your home…

It just simply means that your schedule got hectic and you weren’t able to have your home looking like you normally would.

When determining the personality of your home, you have to look at the overall design scheme. The colors, fabrics, textures, and intricacies of your home all play a significant role in its personality.

From Industrial to Bohemian, check out these interior design styles to see if any of them reflect the personality of your own home!

Home Personalities: Interior Design Styles Explained



When you see the word minimalist used in interior design, it means just that; minimal components to the design.  With minimalist design, the colors are neutral but mostly white, and there are clean lines and zero clutter.

This particular design focuses mostly on functionality. You’re not going to see too many accessories or “knick-knacks” collecting dust, nor are you going to see too many flamboyant aspects in color or decor.

In fact, studies have shown that minimalist design can actually improve your health. According to Psychology Today, clutter in the home can cause you to lose focus, inhibits creativity, and makes it harder to relax (among other sources of stress). Those few reasons alone are largely why many people have adopted the minimalist design style.

The thing about minimalism is that it’s not just a design style; for lots of people, it’s a way of life.

Individuals who’ve adopted this design style and lifestyle are people who fully believe there is a place for everything in their home and when there is too much going on around them, they can easily feel overwhelmed.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam is the complete opposite of minimalist design in the aspect that this design style embodies everything over-the-top!

Homes with this style have the appearance of luxury, opulence, and drama. This homeowner is someone who loves making a statement and overall has a deep respect for nice things.

Plush pillows, fur rugs, velvet couches, elaborate mirrors, and crystal lamps and chandeliers are just a few key characteristics of the Hollywood Glam design style…

Anything that says “bling-bling” is the perfect description for this design style.

Does Hollywood Glam describe your home’s personality?


When you think of Bohemian style, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? For lots of people, “free spirit” and “eclectic” are a few words that can be used to describe this particular style of home.

The unique aspect of Bohemian style is that it’s not only used in home decor but it also translates the very same features and characteristics in the world of fashion as well.

With Bohemian style in home design, you’re going to see lots of vintage furniture, globally-inspired rugs and wall art, and lots of unique plants.

For the homeowner with Bohemian interior design, they’re usually free-spirited individuals who enjoy traveling, are big on positively impacting the environment, and find joy in the simplicity of all things culturally-inspired.

To be fair, that’s not necessarily a “true” definition of people who enjoy Bohemian style, per se. There are just as many free-spirited people who enjoy traveling with Bohemian design style. Bohemian style is ultimately a reflection of individuals who march to the beat of their own drum.


There are several different design styles that weren’t touched on in this read but the point was to give you a little more insight on how your style and decor choices reflect the personality of your home, and ultimately, tells a little about your own personal style as well.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to layout your bedroom or choose the right color scheme for your kitchen, every design decision you make adds to the personality of your home.

Does any of these interior design styles describe your home? If so, what personality is it giving off to you?

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