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Industrial Numbered Bar Stools

Jacque from The DIY Village found some awesome industrial bar stools at Target and decided to re-create them with a set of bar stools she picked up in a Craigslist find.

Since the stools were stained and coated, there was a lot of sanding involved to get the stools ready for their new look!

After several cans of spray paint, the bases had that cool industrial look Jacque was going for.

She used a transfer tape stencil to paint the numbers on, stained the top, and added a thick clear coat to keep the numbers from rubbing off.

Jacque’s stools turned out so cute, and the numbers even represent an important date. What numbers would you use if you recreated this project?

The only things that could truly complete your kitchen counter or island eating experience are bar foot rails. Sit up and relax your feet while you enjoy your personalize bar stools.


Head over to The DIY Village to see the full tutorial for this awesome project.

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