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Gorgeous Bejeweled Mirror DIY

Ok, I think we all love a little sparkle in our lives but Mark Montano takes the cake with this amazing bejeweled mirror!

He purchased a huge back of plastic flat-back rhinestones and let them decide his process for him.

Inspired by the crazy expensive bejeweled mirrors that are found at many retail stores, Mark used his inexpensive rhinestones to create a bohemian mirror fit for a king!

Some metallic paint and a few hours rolling tiny cardboard rings take this project from kid’s craft to bohemian chic.

I can’t wait to make this project- how about you?

This is Mark’s finished mirror:

Square2 Boho Mirror

This is his inspiration mirror, from Overstock:


Head over to Make Your Mark with Mark Mantano to see the full DIY tutorial.

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Rosie Walsh

Wednesday 31st of August 2016

Dazzling! I'm wondering if the cardboard rings are protected enough by the paint to be water safe for outdoors. If not, any suggestions on what the rings could be made from? I'm in Georgia, lots of rain and humidity. Thanks for the inspiration.


Wednesday 31st of August 2016

Hi Rosie! I imagine the cardboard could be coated in a Polyurethane coating to protect it, or you could recycle a large piece of plastic instead!

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