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Garden Theme Clock from a Tabletop

On a junkin’ excursion one sweltering day, Suzy from Worthing Court picked up an old tabletop for $5 and knew exactly what she wanted to do with it…turn it into a garden clock! Suzy says, “This project was so fun and easy to do! I’ve been wanting a garden clock for a long time, but no way was I going to pay $275 for Target’s version. This one cost me roughly $75 to make. I donated it to sell at a show house that was raising money for a local charity, but I can’t wait to make another one for myself!”

DIY Garden Clock Made from an Old Tabletop

Suzy was inspired by this Wall Clock with Garden Tools from Target.

Wall Clock with Garden Tools

Head on over to Worthing Court to see how to make your own garden clock!

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