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DIY Toy Car Ramps

Do your kids love to play with their toy cars? Let them take their favorite hobby outside into the great green world with these super easy DIY Car ramps from Chelsey at Buggy and Buddy. Your little ones can even help you make them! Chelsey spray painted her boards, but if you want to let your kids help, you can buy craft paint and paint them by hand. A black base and yellow lines and suddenly you have a perfect road. They can be set up anywhere for playtime all over the backyard. Even take them on vacation for fun on the go!

Head over to Buggy and Buddy to see how to make them!

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So Lynta

Thursday 8th of June 2017

This is a very good article of Car Ramps DIY. It is really worth sharing and funny for all kids. I might make one for my little boy. He might use it for my car, too. hahaha just kidding. Thanks again. This is really funny and good.

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