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Easy DIY Pond Instructions for Your Garden

A well-built fish pond can add an incredible touch of elegance to any garden. Follow these step-by-step instructions to build your own.

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What You Will Need:

  1. shovel
  2. trowelgarden hose
  3. garden hoseplank of wood
  4. plank of wood
  5. spirit level
  6. pond liner
  7. sand/liner underlay/newspaper
  8. bricks
  9. landscaping rocksfountain pump
  10. fountain pump
  11. [optional] black vinyl duct tape
  12. [optional] cement & bucket
  13. [optional] pond heater

Step 1: Dig the Hole

Photo: Pond

Measure the size of your pond liner and dig a hole. A good size that will fit most standard sized pond liners is around 6.5 feet by 8 feet wide and about 20 inches deep. Dig the hole so that the walls are nice and firm and straight.

Step 2: Lay the Liner in the Hole

Photo: Pond

Lay the liner over the top of the hole. Gently push it down so that it falls into the corners of your hole. You may want to use your feet, but be careful not to knock down any of the dirt walls. Lay bricks around the top of the liner so that it stays in place. Use your duct tape to tape down any creases so that the liner lays smoothly across the bottom and along the walls.

Step 3: Add Water

Photo: Pond

Slowly add the water. Use your hands to gently smooth out the liner and fix any of the pleats as it fills up. Set the bricks around the pond in a more uniformed fashion. You will want to fill the water all the way up to the brick level so that the liner will not be visible.

Step 4: Secure the Liner

Photo: Pond

Decide where you will want the pump and its cord. If you want to pack in cement in between your bricks you will want to do it now and then wait 3-4 hours before proceeding. Gently pull up the liner behind the bricks and pack dirt up and over the liner. You can trim some of the excess liner if you would like. Slope the dirt up to the pond like a ramp to prevent any dirt from washing into the pond later on and to allow rain fill to flow away from the pond.

Step 5: Position Decor Rocks

Photo: Pond

Lay your rocks on top of the bricks and liner and overlap them to cover any excess liner. You will want semi-flat rocks and will want to position them so that they look smooth and fit like puzzle pieces around the top.

Step 6: Final Touches

Photo: Pond

After letting the cement cure and the rocks settle a bit, add your landscaping around the pond and then sit back and enjoy.

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Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Surely creating a pond isn't this easy?! looks fantastic.

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